Ron Shaw

 “Coming together is a beginning, staying together is progress, working together is success."         

                                                                   - Henry Ford

Ron Shaw has been a mental health advocate for the past twenty years in many different capacities. His career has exemplified the education and mentoring of people within the mental health industry, and he has served three organizations as a board of director member.

Ron’s extensive education and his dedication to promote workforce development has made a difference in 19 counties in California. He is a known leader and resource expert who is a specialist on what is important in mental health today and into the future. Ron was employed by NAMI California for three years as a Program Specialist for the Working Well Together grant. He is now taking his wealth of knowledge and will be focusing on the value of integrated mental health within the workforce.

Ron provides training and consultation services to employees with mental health lived experience and the management of diverse employers.

Ron Shaw



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